Daydream Jared

  1. Seen Through A Lens - LISTEN / PURCHASE »
  2. About Make Believing in Tiny Things - LISTEN / PURCHASE »
  3. In Planets In People - LISTEN / PURCHASE »
  4. [Rainbow Reprise] - LISTEN / PURCHASE »
  5. The Part of the Movie (I Wasn't Expecting) - LISTEN / PURCHASE »
  6. Conversations - LISTEN / PURCHASE »
  7. Tried to Speak to Me About Understanding and I Hand None - LISTEN / PURCHASE »

This world is full of dreamers. But no one dreams as hard as Daydream Jared. With an acoustic guitar, he tells his story. Pay attention because you may miss the one important part that could change everything. There are lessons to be learned. But like a dream you never know what’s around the corner. So who needs sleep, when you can daydream? 


Recorded and produced by Ian Brown and Rigo Waltz


Mixed by Rigo Waltz


Mastering Engineer: Bruce Brown (Puget Sound Studios)