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Q: What type of files do you offer on your site?

A : VISION DSD offers DSD 5.6 MHz (AKA DSD128 or Double DSD) and FLAC 24bit/192kHz files. If you need to convert them to smaller files you can use these helpful programs. Korg Audiogate (Mac/PC), J River Media Center (Mac/PC)

Q: What does VISION DSD offer over other digital-music services?

A: VISION DSD offers digital downloads of Artists in the highest quality. The files we offer capture the ARTISTS TRUE VISION. Many digital music stores offer heavily compressed MP3 files that take the detail, life, and soul out of the music.

Q: Will I hear a difference with the files you offer?

A: Yes. Close your eyes and listen, let the recording take you away. The stereo image will widen and you will be able to pick out instruments in the recording. It will be clearer with a tighter bass and the High Frequencies will sound sweeter. 

Q: Why Chose DSD and FLAC over MP3?

A: DSD and FLAC offer the chance to experience all the details of the original recordings. You’ll hear the hard work put into the recording by the Artist and engineers.

Lets look at it like a painted masterpiece.
The MP3 is like looking at a piece of art in a textbook.
The CD Quality is a poster of the masterpiece on your wall.
The FLAC 24/192 is a replica that comes really close to the original.
The DSD is the actual masterpiece on your wall. You can get up close and examine every detail, the texture, the artist brush strokes, and technique. An emotional engagement emerges.

Q: Why are the files so large and is it worth it?

A: DSD at 5.6 MHz is 128 times the CD audio sampling rate of 44.1kHz. FLAC 24bit/192kHz is over 4 times the sample rate of 44.1kHz. The files are bigger but so is the sound.

What’s important to the listener? We look at it this way.
Have you ever downloaded an HD Movie?
How big is the file?
How many times have you watched this Movie?
Now, how many times have you listened to one of your favorite albums?

Q: What do I need to play DSD 5.6 MHz (aka DSD128, Double DSD) files?

A: You will need a media player that is compatible of playing DSD 5.6MHz. We suggest a media player such as Korg Audiogate (Mac/PC), J River Media Center (Mac/PC), Audirvana Plus (A+), Foobar2000, Jplay, Logitech Media Server, Merging Technologies Emotion, MinimServer, MPD, or Signalyst HQPlayer. In addition, you will also need a D/A converter that supports DSD 5.6 MHz to hear back True DSD audio.

Q: What do I need to play 24bit/192kHz FLAC files?

A: You will need a media player that is compatible of playing FLAC at 24bit/192kHz. We suggest a media player such as Korg Audiogate (Mac/PC), VOX Music Player (Mac), Songbird (Mac/PC), MediaMonkey (PC), or JRiver. In addition, you will also need a D/A converter that supports FLAC 24bit/192kHz audio.

Q: Why do you charge more for your files?

A: A lot of music download sites sell Low Quality compressed MP3 files, the DSD 5.6 MHz and FLAC 24bit/192kHz files we offer use up more storage space and bandwidth so our cost are higher. You may pay more with VISION DSD but you’ll finally hear TRUE MUSIC IN THE DIGITAL AGE.

Q: Are your music files DRM-free?

A: YES. Digital Rights Management can suck it! Buy it, own it.

Q: Which payment methods does VISION DSD accept?

A: VISION DSD accepts Visa, American Express, Mastercard and PayPal

Q: What is the user agreement?

A: The user agreement helps to protect the rights of VISION DSD, the Artist, the musicians, songwriters, labels etc.

Q: What if I accidentally erase my VISION DSD files from my hard drive?

A: Please, back up all of your VISION DSD music files. VISION DSD is not responsible for lost files. However, if you lose a file in the download process, please contact us. We will be glad to help.

Q: I have downloaded a song or album from VISION DSD. Where is my file?

For Windows
To find a file you have downloaded, Open your personal folder by clicking the Start button, and then clicking your user name at the top of the Start menu's right pane. Double-click one of the following folders: Downloads or Music

  For MAC
Click on the Finder at the bottom left of the screen (the leftmost icon in the Dock). Click on Downloads on the left side of the screen under Favorites. Alternatively, the right side of the dock has its own Downloads option, to the immediate left of the Trash icon. Tap the Downloads icon to fan out a menu of all of the items you’ve recently downloaded. 

For any more specific questions concerns or comments contact us.


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